What is the BorgWarner Onboarding Platform ?

The BorgWarner Onboarding Platform community is an invite-only Online Platform for employees from BorgWarner and employees  joining from Delphi Technologies. It is a one-stop shop for everything around the integration and onboarding.

How will the platform information be used?

First of all we want to make sure that new employees receive all the information and the support they need for a successful start at BorgWarner. Furthermore, the Onboarding Platform is a great place to connect with new colleagues world-wide, ask your questions, and exchange your ideas. Any questions you ask and any feedback you provide will help you and your colleagues to improve the experience of joining BorgWarner.

Will the information I enter to be visible to others?

The Onboarding Platform is intended to provide an engaging experience to all employees, with collaboration, discussion and idea sharing at its core. Each member will have a limited, personal profile displayed that other members of the community can see. You will be able to contact other members of the community within the community interface and see comments, discussions and ideas from other community participants. Your comments, discussions and ideas will also be accessible to other community participants. There are areas of the Onboarding Platform that are restricted to employees within certain groups only, e.g. members of a specific Business Unit. Where this is the case, we will call it out. Also, there will be some online activities, such as pulse surveys for which your responses will not be visible to other colleagues except yourself - responses will be treated anonymous. There will be a specific icon showing you when an activity is "private" and your submission will not be visible to other colleagues.

How do I sign up?

Please go to One.Borgwarner.com in your browser (computer or mobile device). If you have a corporate email address, please choose the “Delphi Technologies sign up” or “BorgWarner sign up” respectively to log in with your usual credentials. If you have no corporate email address you can sign up using your own email address and your employee ID as the access code. Delphi Technologies employees please use the format “E0123456” for their employee ID, BorgWarner employees please use “BW0123456”.

I’ve logged in before but now I’m having difficulties logging back in.

Please include your web browser type, operating system (Mac/Windows), and screenshots of what issues you’re experiencing in an email to us under OneBorgWarner@BorgWarner.com

How can I reset my password?

If you seek to change your password please do this here:


If you forgot your password and would like to reset this, please let us know here:


How do I delete something I’ve posted?

Only administrators can fully delete posts from the community, but here are the steps you should take in the event you need something removed:

Go to the submission you’d like to change and hit the three-dot icon on the top right-hand corner and select “edit”. Make your revisions (or delete everything, leaving just a period at most so the field registers some content).

Once edited, please email us at OneBorgWarner@BorgWarner.com and an Administrator will censor and remove your post.